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What others have to say about Eileen:

Source Document Handling.."Eileen, Your book is the core of my practice manual for book keeping. All my staff are trained using it. My annual billings just topped 670k. Of course that's book keeping, NTR's, tax and financial planning. Looking forward to seeing your book Regards Vijay"

September 2017

Vijay Stevens

Source Document Handling..."bought several copies, and gave them away to customers/friends/relatives"

September 2017

Sheila Downey, CPB

“You have no idea how helpful you've been to us over the years. When we were stressing over our son, you helped make things easy.

I always think of you when I visit my mom as she lives near you.”

Roy K

In answer to the question of what they found useful in the May 17th 2012 presentation titled "Size Does Matter" where we talked about setting expectations and determining how much we have to give, reviewing and adjusting when required; establishing consistent workflow habits; plus raising standards to minimize tolerations and maximize satisfaction- both the bookkeepers and the clients.

"Sharing your personal experience. Clients growing very fast may need to review expectations and move on" Wendy Simpson

"Very helpful - totally enjoyed it, I will implement into my business practice and it will help me grow" Jane Wong

"Procedure of maintaining and growing client's companies and your own company" Chris Mueller

"Standards, rules, setting expectations, wonderful supportive group of bookkeepers to network with" Julia Miles

"Civil penalties on CRA website, everything - confirmed much of what I know and much that we need to put into practice" Catherine Alcee

"What is my expectation, standards? I need to set up for my business" Mika Matsudate

Various participants in IPBC Vancouver chapter May 17th meeting

Eileen, Thank you very much for this website. I am an Ontario Teacher teaching Math for Everyday Living, grade 12.

The curriculum has a tax component where students are to use online tools to file a tax return. I googled this morning and  came across your website, and then used your site today to do Case Study 1, just as an intro to online software. Most students were able to complete this case study and it was an excellent exercise for them.

In the future, if I teach this course again I will most certainly use this site again, and would  plan to use it to a much greater extent. Are the videos for case study 3-5 available?? Thanks again for such a wonderful...Canadian...resource.

There are probably many other Ontario teachers charged with teaching this unit in the MEL 4E course on paying income tax, who don’t have the background or the resources to do go a good job with the online component. I have also seen the CRA online site for students and it pales in comparison to the resource you’ve provided.  I will certainly spread the word to my coworkers about your website.  Keep up the good work. I certainly appreciate it .

Tracey Moffat, OCT Charlottenburgh-Lancaster District High School, Williamstown, Ontario   

Tracey Moffat, OCT

Eileen: “Kathy, how’s the Microsoft OneNote working paper sample file working for you?”

Kathy:  “Eileen, it is working great.  Thank you for selling your template, it is making a big difference right now, with most of my companies having their year ends coming up.  It is a very helpful tool.  I had started to make a file similar to this using Excel, but I like your OneNote file way better.”

Learn more about Kathy at www.eomservices.ca January 27 2012

Kathy Fike, Certified Professional Bookkeeper, EOM Bookkeeping Services

“We are thrilled with the educational curriculum that Eileen has created for Canadian Bookkeeping Professionals.  Eileen’s deep understanding of Canadian accounting and tax standards coupled with Intuit product knowledge including: Quicken, Mint, TurboTax, Profile and QuickBooks uniquely positions her as a leading expert in Public Practice. “ January 11, 2012 

Chris Davey, Global Product Marketing Leader, Intuit Accountants

"Hi Eileen: You provide such an extraordinarily valuable resource with your tax links.  Thank you for making this available..."

October 6, 2011 www.iCareAccounting.ca, Calgary, AB

To learn more about a subscription to TaxLinks Click here

Dominique Dabolczi-Fekete

 Jump Start your Bookkeeping Business on July 27, 2011 (webinar)

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and experience yet again! You give us so much to think about and great tools to use.  It’s funny because one of the attendees mentioned she wished she had met you 6 years ago when she started her business.  And, I often think how fortunate I am to have met you at the beginning of my business adventure.”

July 27, 2011

Joey Wood can be found at It Figures Tax & Accounting Inc.

Joey Wood, DiplAcct, CPB

"I always enjoy reading your comments on various IPBC subscription posts. You are very well versed on various income tax topics. Knowledge is for sharing and I always find your subscriptions unconditionally shared amongst members."

July 15, 2011 

Amir Moosa, CMA, CGA, Calgary AB

"I wanted to take this time and opportunity to thank you for doing the information session with me in the early part of May 2011.  I received a wealth of information and was able to use it immediately. No longer do I have to keep notes to myself regarding which receipt I need to ask for from my client and my bank account balances as well at the same time. The books speak for themselves, clearly.  How you explained it made it easy to follow and retain this valuable information. Also, in our session, thank you for showing me how to record owners draw in such an easy way. This made for recording/filing those receipts too easy. Once again thank you so much. You know how to make bookkeeping simple." 

July 12, 2011

This session with Carla was recorded in early May and is included as a bonus with the ten sessions from March 2011

Carla Evers BN CPB-Certified Professional Bookkeeper

“I have known Eileen for well over 20 years and have always been amazed at her ability to analyze complex situations and boil them down to something easily understandable to the average person. I look forward to reading each of her published articles - I gain value from each article I read and each conversation I have with her. She is an excellent resource, a talented, trusted colleague and I value her advice and counsel.” February 19, 2010

Ralph Stensaker, Principal, Stensaker & Company, CGA
worked with Eileen at Johnston Terminals Group of Companies  

Ralph Stensaker, CGA

What did one participant at the CGA Richmond Chapter "Arranging your Affairs" on Saturday February 19th 2011 have to say? 

Eileen, thank you for a very informative seminar, particularly when it was sprinkled with humour and anecdotes and true stories.  I often get bored at some seminars, but you have great ability to keep the audience interested and attentive.  Keep up the good work.  This is also a reminder to you to send me a copy of the Word fillable forms ...and the copy of today's PowerPoint. 

NM, CGA, Surrey BC

What did Karl find useful in this presentation?

  1. Technical and total detail content or presentation
  2. Very thorough demonstrations with excellent illustrations
  3. References and 'on the computer demonstrations' on fix ups
  4. Basic approach to report query for certain accounts, menu's and selections...

Karl Vietnieks, CMA Conference: Fixing a Mess in QuickBooks software Jan 29, 2011

IPBC Vehicles webinar December 1, 2010

Dear Eileen, just a wee note to tell you how much I enjoy your webinars!!  You are so well informed it is a pleasure to listen and feel confident that I’m getting information helpful to my tax business. Keep up the good work, it is most appreciated, Linda 



Linda G. Poole, CPB

Financial Literacy for Women presentations at North Delta and Ladner Libraries in November 2010

What did these women find useful?

  • Lots of good points to start in the right direction!
  • Everything - thanks, you were brilliant!
  • Everything.  Creative - fast paced - empathy but not victim based: Powerful and empowering.
  • All info - Good overview - lots of 'detail' to ponder
  • Lots!

How will they share what they learned?

  • Tell other women to attend your talks / pass on your website!
  • After processing time - dialogue with sister, former colleagues & friends
  • Talking to my wonderful network of friends
  • Mention to others this workshop & the importance of getting organized

Various November 18, 2010

Eileen, you can count us as officially one of your greatest success stories.  All totalled you helped us recover over $19,000, plus you let us know about the RDSP (which we have already received $2,000 in Grants from the federal government, $1,000 each for 2009 and 2010)  That's $21,000 and counting!

We thank you for your general work in 'spreading the news' about tax breaks for the disabled in your workshops.  We also thank you for your specific assistance in our case.  As you suggested, I filed our 2009 returns on time.  I think I did them right, we both received refunds.  I transferred my son's disability tax credit and used it against my return.  I may ask you to check that I did them correctly in the summer.

You do excellent work.  Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

July 2010

RK Coquitlam BC

Eileen, thank you for presenting such an informative workshop on the Disability Tax Credit. We are confident that it will prove extremely beneficial to our clientele.

David Doig & Associates, CCM of Canada, BC Coalition of People with Disabilities

November 2009

Pay Less Tax presentation to CGA's at Welsh Hall, October 26, 2009

Hi Eileen:
We all enjoyed your presentation. I can see why you want more people to hear it. 
We definitely want to be working with you again.
Thank you,

Leslie Kennett, CGA, CGA Financial Controllers Group, Vancouver

"Thank you so much, you are our little tax angel"

TP, LMDSS July 2009

Here's what one CGA had to say about the Effective Procedures Manual workshop:

 "Count me in, I bought Snag-it, but haven’t had much time to use it. I used to have procedures on every file, and every process, but it fell into disrepair when the boom hit. It seemed we were all too busy to keep them updated.

Oddly, we had a staff meeting on re-instituting this 1st week in May, but then the lead person had a stroke. It really drove the point home, as new staff have to pick up files with little direction.
We used to say, we have procedures in case ‘you get hit by a bus’ , but it could happen anytime."

Dan Chun, CGA Kelowna, BC June 2009

First long distance webinar...using GoToMeeting and Skype, we conducted a 3 hour live meeting right across the country from my desk in Tsawwassen, BC to a classroom in St. Johns, Newfoundland, hosted by the Nfld & Labrador Learning Disabilities Association. Here are some of the comments in summary form:

Strengths of session:

Knowledgeable, clarity of audio, opening up new avenues for supporting children with disabilities, very informative, well presented, handouts, speaker excellent, new info and...info had personal relevance

My comments

Everyone said they could see the font size even at the back of the room but there's something impersonal about no webcam.  Next time I'd arrange for a webcam so I could see the participants faces and they could see mine, possibly on a separate screen.  These three hour sessions often attract return attendees.  One year, a number of mom's nick-named themselves my 'tax groupies' and showed up at about six sessions that spring.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to provide tax credits information to your local support group, consider a laptop, set up a screen and a projector with a high quality microphone and speakers and contact me to arrange a time for the meeting.  There is a fee for my presentations and I will direct you to local CGA's to assist with tax preparation.


Participants, Nfld Labrador Learning Disabilities Webinar February 24, 2009

I will place a few RC4064's on the table with the magazines in my doctor's waiting room.

Useful?  your website, can hardly wait to check it out, I am going to check my disability letter, tax credits, thanks for the explanation, it's not so confusing now.

Please send me more information about the workshops you are organizing.  I want more disability -tax related information.  I will email everyone I know and share/distribute the information I learned with all the families I socialize with.

I realized how much I can claim for my kids.  I will share by mentioning this to my friends & also aplying it to my children's case.

It was great.  I will be contacting people I know who will benefit.

Please contact me because I want more information on income tax deductions for my daughter who is now lviing with us and is twenty-one.

Answer:  Check out my Youth in Transition webpage at www.taxdetective.ca/youth.html for a whole raft of information and then contact me if you still have questions. 

Useful?  Yes! lots of useful info.  I will email friends to Google TaxDetective.

I want more information about how to claim for our son who is 24 years old and has a disability.  He lives with us - what credits can we claim.  I found useful today, the detailed information regarding income tax specific to a person with a disability.  I will email friends and tell them to Google the TaxDetective.



Participants, Simon Fraser Society for Community Living February 21, 2009

I found everything useful.  I will advise PWD clients to get the RC4064.

So much, it's overwhelming.  I have a few friends who would benefit from all this info.  I will email them, Google to order forms and guides for free delivery by Canada Post, Distribute & review RC4064's with people I believe might qualify for the Disability Tax Credit...

IT 513 and available tax credits.  I will share by word of mouth (my best way) and the TaxDetective site.

Caregiver amount was not aware I could claim this.  I am pretty sure that my work has never given me a figure for Box 85, dental & medical premiums paid from my net pay.  Can I also claim this as a 'retroactive' back to how many years?

Answer:  Yes you can, if this will increase your medical expenses claim and it is over the 3% threshold of your net income, you can go back for 10 years to make a claim for missed medical expenses including premiums on extended health and dental and the expenses not covered by the reimbursements from the plan (the other 50% or 20% not reimbursed)

Participants, Vancouver Oral Centre for Deaf Children and CHHA February 19, 2009

I may be a tax deduction for each of my children in the future!  I will share with my support group for women who are disabled.

Everything I didn't know, e.g. medical & ...with family members Sr & Jr.

Very knowledgeable & practical.  Gluten free tax credits.  I will share transplant info with a friend.

I was denied credit - they said my income was too low.  I found everything useful.  I will share with our Chilliwack Celiac group & several other people with various disabilities plus doctors in our area.  I will let people know about your website.

Pleasure to hear your presentation, very informative.

Learning about additional disability claims, that Naturopathic Dr's are considered doctors if they have an ND & I can claim my visits & get letters from them!  I took extra booklets (RC4064) to hand out.

Medical expenses & what can be claimed.  I will pass on this info & website to those I know could benefit.

Much useful informaiton re taxes I didn't know.  I will tell people to email "TaxDetective" and distribute & review RC4064's with persons or family who support that person, that I believe might qualify.

Useful?  Too much to list; travel medical insurance premiums, definitions, how to find more info on www.taxdetective.ca. I will share what I learned today on Facebook!  and I talk a lot so everybody I know will know.

Send me 10 RC4064's please and very special - lots of useful information.  I will share this information by email, google CRA forms ordering to order extra RC4064's and keep them in my home, car, purse and give them to my local librarian to keep at the desk.

That tax credits can be claimed for the past (10) years as I have never claimed for incremental cost of gluten-free food for celiac.

It was useful to learn how to organize a spreadsheet.  Will be very useful! Thank you!  I will speak to others who I believe may benefit from this info.

Medical expenses & website for "TaxDetective" plus Celiac Support Group for South Surrey.  I will share what I learned today with my daughter and email everyone I know.

Information on medical expenses/claims and email everyone and distribute RC4064's to everyone I believe might qualify.


Participants, Celiac Association, Choices, South Surrey February 14, 2009

Now I know how to find the information on tax.  It is informative.  I would like to share with my friends.  Thank you.

I got tax information to check the tax income.  I learned we can go to www.TaxDetective.ca for information

To access personal info through My Account and to access legal court cases through www.CanLII.org.  I will share with my family members.

I will pass this information on to my friends and encourage them to attend Eileen Reppenhagen's seminars. Excellent!

Participants, Tsawwassen Library Tax Online February 10, 2009

As an amputee, the fact that home cleaning services can't be deducted!!!!!! I will write to my MP who is basically useless.

I didn't know the details regarding the definitions used, e.g. substantially all = > 90%.  I will talk about this with my neighbours and colleagues at work.

It made me more aware of what I may need to claim in the future.  I will talk about this at work.

Info about Disability Tax Credits, medical deductions (expenses), Gluten-Free Products (Incremental cost), travel expenses & travel medical insurance, your delightful sense of humour & knowledge on these subjects.  I will exmail everyone I know and share everything I have learned today...

Very good information and presentation.  I will inform friends and family.

How to claim for extra foods.  I will share with fellow Celiac friends, relatives

Retroactive claims can go back 10 years, directions to website with links, be caretul to have fully documented transfers of money (attribution rules).  I will discuss iwth investment adivsor.

Very good info re disability tax credits certificate, pages in medical information booklet.  I will share this information with a senior friend re medical expense - ability to claim care expenses.   Many seniors do not 'google' and they often do their own tax.  Likely don't know many of the new rules - which you explained today!


Participants, Celiac Association: New Westminster Library February 8, 2009

I am excited that in the few months since you gave me some deeper insight into the career possibilities of tax planners and practitioners that I will join the ranks of those professionals!  I have accepted a position at PwC in their tax department and will be beginning my career anew in May 2009.  I am looking forward to the challenges and the fulfillment that a career in tax will present.  Thank you again for the insight and guidance when I was first venturing to take steps in the direction of tax. 

The event really helped me and will really help others who try to take advantage of it.  There will be no other time in my life/career when there is going to be so much information, help, guidance etc...from such diverse people with such diverse experiences to help direct and inform my career choices.  Please send my sincerest thank you to the event coordinators, they deserve to know that there are real and positive consequences, although often unseen, from your and their work.

Kyle attended a CGA BC sponsored event.  Eileen is a volunteer CGA BC Ambassador.

Kyle Bunnell November 2008

I found the one hour tele-class, Workshop for Artists and Writers, fantastic. The whole thing was a new experience for me. Listening to Eileen speak and being able to ask questions as I followed her online, made it easy to understand why I needed what I needed and where I could find it. I may still shudder when it comes to income tax; but at least now, there’s some smart in my shudders. Thanks Eileen.

Cathy Mayovsky, October 2008

"Procedure Manuals Made Easy" Fraser Valley CGA Computer User Group, October 15, 2008

When asked what was useful about the presentation, participants responded...

SmartArt and SnagIt... also you made me think about Procedure Manuals, which I have been avoiding... Melissa Ngo

Good to learn proper organization before writing procedures... Peter Henriques

GoToMeeting and SnagIt Software... James Wong

The questions to start manual of procedure... Gloria Gonzales

SnagIt tool looks very useful... Sally Felgnar

Exposure to different applications and software, programs that seem to be very easy to use and expand upon.  I really liked the stories you told because they related very well with the topic... Rose McDougall

Variety of answers to query about what was useful...

Hello Eileen and Andrew... I would like to thank you again for your valuable time and energy spent with us yesterday.  You are both oustanding presenters.  After you left, quite a number of the people commented to me about what a 'great deal' it was to be able to see the both of you in action.  The crowd loved you!

It was a full day yesterday... You were each very beneficial to everyone who came.  You each have great spirit and colorful ways to impress upon us your knowledge that is just marvellous.  You also each have a knack at story telling that both teaches a valuable lesson while making us laugh with delight.  Frankly, you both make a great team/package together!

Thank you very much for coming!  I feel honoured that I was able to introduce you to everyone. Cheers always, Louisa

Explanatory Note: Eileen Reppenhagen and Andrew Rebane, LLB www.valleylawgroup.com each presented a half day workshop at the Advocates for Care Reform conference in Burnaby in September 2008. 

Louisa Win September 2008

"I often refer to Eileen’s TaxLinks since I found out about them last year.  Going through Canada Revenue’s website is a maze and most of the time I can spend hours researching a topic with no success.  Taxlinks is my first resource of choice and usually it’s my one and only stop.  It is an essential tool for a tax practitioner and the information is always timely and well presented. No more hours on the CRA website or on hold for the 'next available agent'.  Thanks Eileen!!!"

Emilia Di Salvo, CGA, June 2008

"Eileen, I love the new look [in TaxLinks]!  Thanks from me ... for coming up with such simple idea. 

I appreciated the fact that you added a specific new section 17 on Artists and Writers.  ... I will come back to using the Tax Cases when I have more time to study Joint Accounts."

Gord Legge, (retired RPA-2000), June 2008

"Eileen Reppenhagen has been invaluable in helping me set out QuickBooks in the most efficient and time-saving manner. I just don't know what we would have done without her. She inspires confidence and her expert knowledge in tax matters is extremely useful.

I would not hesitate to recommend her as I know that she would prove extremely useful to any company that wishes to improve efficiency and effectiveness in their accounting."

Marna Garner, Accountant, Sails'N'Rails, www.sailsnrails.com, June 2008

"I have used TaxLinks Pro more than once ... and have found it thus far the best tax reference tool I have ever used regardless of price. In late April your site was instrumental - and I gave it full props to my client ... in finding a special election for a client who moved into what had been a rental property. By my guess this "reverse 4 year rule", for lack of a better term, may have saved this couple about $15K. And they were borderline euphoric about it too.

As I have said before, you're a tremendous help, dare I say a Godsend, to your fellow practitioners who need a great deal of support.

PS - I neglected to mention how the TaxLinks came in handy two days ago. It was in respect to the new proposed regulations under subsection 89(14) on a company's requirements of communication to its shareholders respecting the payment of eligible taxable dividends. Given that there was a difference of $40K between my client's company having to take a hit of Part IV tax and the much smaller sum to the shareholders, as it turned out, by the payment of dividends through, I was very thankful to have this resource tool and show my client last night some hard copy of how this is ought to be done, to make it "audit proof". Again, my client was very thankful - and needless to say, I gave you and your reference material full credit.

I say to you what I said to my wife - the cost of this subscription is the best money I've spent in a year. It has sure paid for itself many times over already. ..And I would love to take the additional subscription [for the Canadian Virtual Tax Research Club] for whatever it costs. My wife even was happy to hear about this new knowledge opportunity.  I found the website quite easy to navigate, I think the reverse 4 year election (as I recall, under S. 45(3)) came up in less than 5 minutes - and since I was working after 12 midnight, that speed of research was a big load off my mind. Needless to say, I slept pretty well once that was done."

Ray Barnes, CGA, May 2008

"Tax Links, compiled by TaxDetective® Eileen Reppenhagen is comparable to a treasure Chest full of precious jewels. Each one is very valuable on its own and the more you "dig down" and get to the bottom, there is a delight when you discover a rare gold nugget.  For strategic knowledge, the links to court cases alone are worth the cost. For essential tax compliance knowledge, the links to government sites (some not well known) are a terrific bonus. Tax Links will get me all the information I need in five minutes. I can say "good-bye" to hours of research in the wee hours of the night."          

Diana Read-Miedema, Simply Financials, Truro, NS, January 2008

"I'm considering doing some public practice work (tax and accounting only) from home once my maternity leave is up instead of going back to industry so your seminar and the information on your website has been incredibly helpful.  I quite enjoyed your presentation and found it very helpful and would be more than willing to pass that on to others!  It's the least I can do after all the helpful info I've gotten from you!"

Kim Snorro, CGA, Participant, Audit Inoculation Workshop November, 2007, Victoria, BC

"The TaxLinks service is a wonderful research resource for my practice, and Eileen supports it in a very professional and timely manner. It is a fabulous bargain for streamlining research time. It is every bit as well prepared and presented as her professional development seminars. My 10-year old daughter, Alexia, and I agree that her detective logo is very cool.

Thanks Eileen for all your hard work and dedication, especially for families with disabilities. You are a great asset to the CGA Association and the entire accounting profession."

Ray Barnes, CGA, December 2007

"Greetings from Ontario! I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic web-site you have.  It is a one stop shop for information.  I particularly liked the non-profit section - it has everything to properly inform a new NPO! All the best to you now and in the future!"

Stephanie L Haggarty, CGA, September 2007

"Over the past 5 years Eileen has saved our family thousands of dollar in tax credits that previous accountants missed. Eileen’s attention to detail is that of a detective. My son is handicapped and she has found us tax credit savings we never knew were available. The money we have saved we put towards house renovations for our son. Thank you Eileen you are the true Tax Detective!"

Kim Bonn July 2007

“I attended Eileen’s Quickbook seminar and enjoyed it very much.  Eileen’s enthusiasm for Quickbooks is contagious and rather surprising coming from an accountant.  Typical bean-counter she is not.  Eileen is very experienced with Quickbooks.  She was using it long before it replaced MYOB and has a good working knowledge of the software. To teach a course on Quickbooks to others is a natural for her.  Eileen is also available to her students online or via the telephone after the course!  I know because I called for her help several times.”

Ellen Cmolik, CGA July 2007

"The ever changing CICA Handbook and CCRA’s quite often different approach had done it again. Another challenge at hand.  I was in need of an accounting tool, already in use and proven to be effective. What was out there! What a migraine it caused just thinking about the complex spreadsheet that I might have to create and maintain. The cause of this looming headache? The Section 3855, Financial Instruments requirements for a non-publicly accountable business to report marketable securities at fair market value and the tax effects.

To the rescue, Eileen Reppenhagen, TaxDetective. The software QUICKEN was recommended by Eileen, as a tool that eliminates complex spreadsheets, makes efficient and easy the maintaining at cost records, reporting at fair market value and reconciling with tax reporting for each of the multitude of transactions in investment portfolios.

Eileen’s knowledge of Section 3855, guidance in the correct set up of the software and excellent teaching skills brought my staff up to speed very quickly. Two years of detail to a current status within a short time period. We are now ready for the effective date of tax change reporting October 2007.  Current year end independent tax filing has been completed with the Quicken reports as part of the reconciling and working papers provided.

Eileen will always be a professional that comes to mind for innovative advice, support and service."

Susan Haines, CGA, Vancouver, BC Controller, Manufacturing July 2007

"Eileen I have to admit that one the highlights of my month is the arrival of the ProConnection newsletter and the first piece I turn to is yours.  Your articles are always interesting, well researched, eloquently presented, and wonderfully focused.  I have passed many copies to clients – often with appropriately highlighted sections – as you frequently discuss topics of interest to anyone in business. 

One of the reasons I admire your work so much is your attention to the needs of the client.  Many accountants have lost sight of the client and make no effort to bridge that ubiquitous expectation gap.  Given the consistent feel of your writing, I have a suspicion that you “walk the talk” in your public practice and I find that refreshing and uplifting."

Judith Gauthier CGA July 2007

"I met Eileen when we worked on The Disability Advisory Committee to The Minister of National Revenue.  I have never met someone with as much knowledge of the overly complicated world of disability and medical tax credits.

Eileen is full of energy and passionate about what she does.  Her contributions to the committee have resulted in the most significant changes that we were able to process with CRA.  Taxpayer's with disabilities, infirmities or regular medical expense tax issues will all directly benefit from Eileen's work on the committee and her continuing crusade to educate taxpayers, advisors and governments in the pros and cons of our tax rules in this area.

I have referred clients to Eileen as there is no one else I think can do a better job for them in this area, and we are competitors."

Peter Weissman CA, TEP Partner Fuller Landau LLP (www.fullerlandau.com) July 2007

Pay Less Tax Vancouver Public Library

"Great information.  Easy to understand."

Shirley Hill, Wise Owl Learning Centre March 2007

Pay Less Tax Vancouver Public LIbrary

"Revealed what are possible claims. Learning about medical expense deductions & claims for Blue Cross premiums"

Penny Lim March 2007

Pay Less Tax  Centre for Abilities, Vancouver

"We also thought it was a very successful evening.  I was so impressed with your enthusiasm and many of the evaluations mentioned same.  Most folks indicated that they understand the information quite a bit better and really welcomed this learning opportunity.  I'm sure we will want to work with you again.  In the meantime, please keep me posted of workshops, etc. that you are involved with so we can pass on the word.  Thanks again."

Alison Brook, MSW Social Worker, March 2007

Pay Less Tax Mission

“Eileen’s session on income tax credits and particularly disability tax credits, provided a lot of useful material.  She caused me to change my client interview process which uncovered many unexpected tax credit situations.  Clients notice and appreciate the genuine interest and results from asking about their family tree.  There was a corresponding increase in referrals from satisfied clients too.  Thanks Eileen.” 

Kevin Evancic CGA, C.Arb in Maple Ridge (www.evancic.com) February 2007

Pay Less Tax Feb 2007 Mission

"Loved it Eileen! Thanks for some very new info."

Kathy Reeves, Mission Association for Community Living

Pay Less Tax ReidHurstNagy, CGA's Richmond in house workshop

“It’s all great material.  To absorb all of the wealth of material is a tall task but it serves to make you aware and keep the antenna up for tax saving opportunities.  Eileen’s in house workshop on disability tax and medical expenses is a must for all tax practitioners and their staff.  The investment in learning about personal tax credits paid off.  Our clients noticed that our staff asked more questions and listened carefully for opportunities to claim legitimate credits.  Why? Tax credit claims reduce tax payable.”

Bruce Hurst, ReidHurstNagy CGA's Richmond, BC (www.rhncga.com) February 2007

Pay Less Tax Delta Community Living Society and Family Support Institute

"Eileen's knowledge of tax credits could increase your tax refund by thousands of dollars. I think she's the detective of taxes.  She loves to save people money."

Kim Bonn, Graphic Artist 2004

Pay Less Tax  CGA Richmond Chapter 2004

"This seminar is of interest to all as it brings to light monetary opportunities for persons with disabilities and their families"

Joanne Pulis, CGA

Pay Less Tax CGA BC 2004

"Very practical and down to earth"

Sunny Sun, CGA

Pay Less Tax CGA BC

"Essential information for an increasingly ageing population"

Gerald Payne, CGA 2004

QuickBooks in the lab at SFU Downtown Campus for CGA BC

"It was really useful that we got to follow along on the computer, the test company set up in QuickBooks was helpful so that we can apply some of the functions.  The pace of the class was good.  It was easy to follow along and click through the different functions."

Tracy Hon, Sparky Electric August 2006

QuickBooks in the lab at SFU Downtown campus for CGA BC 

What worked? "Virtually everything. Great PD program."

Michael Barkusky, CGA August 2006

Down in the Trenches - Soldiering through Investment Accounting Feb 2007

"Liked - stories.  Hated - not long enough. I found it very interesting.  Well done."

Teresa Stilling, CMA

Down in the Trenches - Soldiering thru Investment Accounting CGA Kelowna

"I always enjoy the real-life stories - it drives it home, and makes it stick."

Dan Chun, CGA February 2007

Audit Inoculation - CMA PD Weekend Vancouver BC

"Energetic/good knowledge...overall very good - entertaining - and a good wake up call,"  James Smith, CMA, Peak Drilling

"The handouts and personal experiences discussion." Krystyna Barnwell, CMA

"Gave me lots of resources & can check as needed & personal touch." Alice Usher, CMA

"Very informative, creative." Edmond Lee, CMA

"Fast moving, lots of info, very interesting personal examples." Annie Glover, CMA, Cougar Inlet Logging Ltd.

"Overview with where to go for links to answer questions." Michelle Maas, Smith Cameron Pump Solution

February 2007

Audit Inoculation CGA Kelowna


“Practical, useful, client and practitioner friendly information.”

Charlene Smart, CGA February 2007

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