QuickBooks® software training
Learn how to use QuickBooks software


It can require an investment of 60-100 hours learning in order for you to begin to use QuickBooks software effectively.

Here's what's involved in learning how to use the software: 

  1. Play with each module to learn how it works
  2. Test your entries 
  3. Decide how best to design control systems to minimize the possibility of fraud and error
  4. Document your procedures in a manual 


How can you shorten the time it takes to get up and running or to fix your mess?

Buy my training bundle for under $200 and watch all the videos, more than once!



How do I know my systems to learn QuickBooks are successful?

Bookkeepers who are members of the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada tell me all the time! They claim they watch the videos three times, and use the sample desktop file to learn even more!

What's my background? 

I collaborated with other experts and the in-house technical team for a Fortune 500 company.

Together we built a system that could import daily transactions from inventory management and POS systems directly into QuickBooks. Then I helped write a procedure manual for every step of the process. 

The in-house transition team had a goal to convert their retailers in less than a year. Together we:

  1. Designed the training process and trained the trainers who would handle the retailer's training and conversion
  2. Created standardized daily, monthly and annual processes
  3. Documented these standards in a procedures manual, creating a fabulous internal control system  

The company asked me to provide several full week training workshops for their in-house team.  This team was to work directly with the retailers at their stores, effecting a quick, easy, transition. 

Yes, the project was on time and under budget.


Contact Eileen @ 604-943-7414 or eileen.reppenhagen@gmail.com

Eileen Reppenhagen, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor;
Member: Intuit Accounting Professionals Trainer and Writer Network, (WTN); 
Sponsor, Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada (IPBC)
Eileen won “Top tester for the QuickBooks 2010 Canada Beta Test” and recently, took third top tester in the 2012 Beta testing (away on holidays until the last week of testing, I know, no excuses...) 


"Eileen Reppenhagen has been invaluable in helping me set out QuickBooks in the most efficient and time-saving manner. I just don't know what we would have done without her. She inspires confidence and her expert knowledge in tax matters is extremely useful.

I would not hesitate to recommend her as I know that she would prove extremely useful to any company that wishes to improve efficiency and effectiveness in their accounting."

  -- Marna Garner, Accountant, Sails'N'Rails (retired)











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