Great Canadian Audit Game

Instructions for role play game 

 (anyone who really hates role playing can sit this out, or just observe a group, and assist with gathering results)

In advance, bookmark this page, download the Spreadsheet and the PowerPoint to your mobile device (iPhone, iPAD, laptop, tablet)

Bring mobile device with you to event. Be prepared to share mobile device with a neighbour if not everyone has a device. 

If there's a role you really want to play, get there early. Bring a prop or two to identify your chosen role, a hat, scarf, something simple. 

You will be provided with sticky notes on which to identify what you Love, Hate and see as an Opportunity.

Assemble six players and assign these roles:

  • Owner/Manager of Small Business
  • Spouse who works in the business (at least they say they do)
  • Bookkeeper/Accountant for Small Business
  • CRA auditor
  • CRA auditor

Sixth role can be any of these:

  • Owner/Manager's Mother who lives with them
  • Teenager/Adult child who lives at home
  • Lawyer
  • Tax preparer if not the bookkeeper/accountant

Provide Questionaire to two CRA Auditors who have twenty five minutes to ask these twenty five questions. 

One auditor asks questions, the other writes answers,owner/manager and spouse look to bookkeeper for answers.

Once interview is concluded, each player writes down what they love, hate or see as an opportunity.

Players post sticky notes on the wall, accumulating loves, hates, and opportunities so everyone can see the results



Audit Interview Questionnaire

  1. Do you have a safe deposit box, if so what do you store in it?
  2. Do you have Canadian or Foreign bank accounts, credit cards?
  3. How many accounts do you have? What are the account numbers?
  4. Do you have Securities? What about accounts, RRSP and non RRSP, TFSA, RDSP, RESP, RRIF, RPP?
  5. Do you have copies of the statements, and if not, can you obtain copies?
  6. Did you receive any Inheritances or did you win a lottery recently? If so, elaborate.
  7. Gambling winnings or losses? Which casino? Online?
  8. Do you keep more than $1,000 in cash?
  9. Who lives with you and whom do you support that does not live with you?
  10. Have you had significant gifts from friends or loans from friends or relations?
  11. How about WCB claims or Insurance proceeds for a theft, loss or other claim?
  12. Have you purchased or sold any vehicles in the past few years, and what is their value?
  13. Do you own real property, rental property, vacation property, antiques, collectibles, artwork?
  14. If you own a house, when was it built, when was it purchased and are there significant improvements, when were they finished?
  15. If you moved in the past five years, provide details of previous residence.
  16. Is there still a mortgage? Has it been refinanced since you bought the house? If so, when and how many times?
  17. How many bathrooms are there in your house?
  18. Do you have any tenants?
  19. Were there significant purchases in the household, weddings, funerals, graduations?
  20. Did you purchase any major assets, jewellery, fur coats?
  21. Vacations past, present, future? Do you water or snow ski? Surf?
  22. Do you own any RV's, trailers, campers, motor homes, cottages, boats, motor cycles, ski or sea doos?
  23. Do you have any receivables in kind or cash? If so, elaborate.
  24. Do you engage in any barter transactions? Elaborate.
  25. Can you tell us about your mortgages, bank loans and credit lines? 

Additional Instructions for participants in role play 
Be creative, make it up as you go along, the wilder the story, the more fun!
Take on the role of client, bookkeeper, accountant, mother-in-law, lawyer or auditor.

Clients must determine how to best respond to queries. 

Clients may not have told the bookkeeper/ accountant everything they should have. 

Clients may ask their lawyer to be present.

Is it wise to include the mother-in-law?

Tell stories and discuss real life experiences. 

If someone in your group is/was a CRA auditor, or has been audited recently, ask them to share experiences,,, leave out names and change the scenario of course  (be kind)

Keep it generic, share how audits affect people, financial, emotional, mental and physical stresses, affect on relationships and ability to earn an income

Bookmark this page, download the PowerPoint PDF to your mobile device.

Bring your mobile device with you to the event. Don't forget a prop, and arrive early if there's a role you'd like to fill.




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