Newcomers to Canada (immigration, refugees)

The Refugee System in Canada
Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Gov't of Canada departments & agencies
CRA information page
Tax treaties
Contact the International Tax Services Office
SIN # application
About CRA My Account
My Service Canada Account
E-Services for Business incl My Business Account
Child and Family Benefits
Personal and address information
Newcomers to Canada (Immigrants)
RC66SCH Status in Canada/Statement of Income
NR74 Determination of Residency Status (Entering)
Determination of an Individual's Residence
Foreign asset reporting - changed 2015
GST/HST Credit on becoming resident
RC151 GST/HST Credit Application
Deemed disposition / re-acquisition
Dispositions of property
Some assets specifically excluded
Consider selling accrued losses before immigration
Check pensions
Line 115 Pensions from a foreign country
Line 314 Pension income amount
Which pensions qualify for pension income amount?
Pension income splitting
Warning:split pensions may reduce other benefits
Transfer pension benefits to RSP
Line 207 RPP deduction
If employer continues to contribute to pension
RC269 Employer sponsored pension contributions
Consider exercising foreign employer stock options
Timing of establishing residence
Residency - Individuals
Residency of a corporation
International students in Canada
Foreign source income included once resident
Foreign employment income
Amounts not taxed
Canada allows foreign tax credit
Line 405 Federal foreign tax credit
Foreign tax credit -
Your province or territory of residence
Arrange affairs to pay tax before if rates lower
Newcomers to Canada (immigrants)
Tax savings through immigration trusts
Business Immigration Program
Approved facilitators:Immigrant Investor Program
Deemed resident trust
RBC Welcome to Canada information page
RBC info page on IIP
VanCity programs
VanCity Credit Union welcome to refugees
Welcome House Centre




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