Minimize risk - working with NPOs

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Strengthening Non Profits . ORG Managing Crisis

See full article for more on Key Terms - this is a brief excerpt

"Risk – any factor that might hinder an organization achieving its goals. Risks can be related to an organization’s programs, finances, management, infrastructure, or susceptibility to natural disasters.

Risk management – a process for identifying an organization’s risks, assessing their significance, and preparing for and treating those deemed significant in a measured, professional manner. Risk management enables organizations to cope with uncertainty by taking steps to protect their vital assets and resources."

Identification and Existence
Federal Not-for-profit Corporations Act Oct 2014
Accounting Standards
Does the NPO need a BN#?
Do NPOs need to register for GST/HST?
BC Societies Act comes into force Nov 2016
BC Registry Services
BC Strata Corporations
Service Alberta
Service Ontario
Management, Chain of Command & Internal Control
Leading a Non Profit Organization
Archived Primer for Directors of NPO's
Internal Controls webinar series (IPBC)
What did the experts have to say?

Non-Profit Organizations and Compliance

Compliance - Paperwork
Keeping Records Useful LInks
Record Keeping Rules - Ontario NPO's
IT 496 Archived NPO Guide
BDO article
Compliance - People
Volunteers and the Law
Charity Central - Charities, NPO's and Payroll
NPO responsibility to report on T5007's
Volunteer Canada screening guidelines

Screening volunteers and staff

Compliance - Insurance
Example of insurance -
Compliance - Sales Taxes federal and prov/terr
P-215 Determination of NPO for ETA
RC4081 GST/HST for NPO's
GST 523-1 NPO's Government Funding
RC4022 Quick Method
Rebates for books, audio, etc.
Income Tax
CPA report - Filing returns missed for NPO's
CRA's NPO page

Notice there's no mention of a requirement to file a T2 on this page... 

2014 CRA NPO Risk project
CRA considers NPO's a type of trust
ITA S. 149(1)(l)
Non-profit organizations

(l) a club, society or association that, in the opinion of the Minister, was not a charity within the meaning assigned by subsection 149.1(1) and that was organized and operated exclusively for social welfare, civic improvement, pleasure or recreation or for any other purpose except profit, no part of the income of which was payable to, or was otherwise available for the personal benefit of, any proprietor, member or shareholder thereof unless the proprietor, member or shareholder was a club, society or association the primary purpose and function of which was the promotion of amateur athletics in Canada;

ITA S. 149(12) Filing requirements

Scroll right to the very bottom of this link to find (12)

Information returns

(12) Every person who, because of paragraph 149(1)(e) or 149(1)(l), is exempt from tax under this Part on all or part of the person’s taxable income shall, within 6 months after the end of each fiscal period of the person and without notice or demand therefor, file with the Minister an information return for the period in prescribed form and containing prescribed information, if

  • (a) the total of all amounts each of which is a taxable dividend or an amount received or receivable by the person as, on account of, in lieu of or in satisfaction of, interest, rentals or royalties in the period exceeds $10,000;

  • (b) at the end of the person’s preceding fiscal period the total assets of the person (determined in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles) exceeded $200,000; or

  • (c) an information return was required to be filed under this subsection by the person for a preceding fiscal period

Requirement to file a Corporate T2 - See Line 085

T2 - See bottom of page 1/8 

Canadian Amateur Athletic Associations
Meeting the Public Benefit Test
Fraud in the NPO sector?
Real life Scam - Durham Police Dept
Checklist -NPO's FINTRAC

Education & Resources
Imagine Canada
CPA Canada search for non profit
CGA Ontario Basic Accounting for NPO PDF
Google for Non Profits
BCIT non profit management
Open the books on NPO's
Canadian Universities- NPO Studies




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