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Eileen Reppenhagen
Who am I?

The Short Version:

Certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online

Esteemed Member of Intuit's TWN (Trainer/Writer Network)

Honorary Bookkeeper, and Sponsor, Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada. (www.ipbc.ca)

Beta tester - I've won awards for testing Intuit software (love it so much I volunteer)

Love a project, especially when it involves automation.

Obsession with doing the right thing. Must reconcile to the penny.

Horribly bored by routine. Deadlines terrify me.

Passion for taxpayers rights about the rules, as in, the rules are there to be understood and used to best advantage!

Believe everyone should be able to do their own paperwork and record keeping, and are entitled to take advantage of tax credits when qualified, and/or claim legitimate expenses, but must report all of their income (that's only fair) 



The Long Version:

10 years in industry, responsible for cash management, consolidation and tax compliance for 30 companies; and 30 years in public practice, part time at first, then full time from a home office.

The year I graduated, 1986, registered in part time practice, with one client. The CGA BC President told me that CGA’s volunteer, so I chose to volunteer for the Richmond Chapter Board.

Received theJ.M. MacBeth Award of Merit, CGA BC in 1993 for service to the chapter. Served for about 20 years, and held every position on the board except for treasurer. Loved school visits, and continued those for even longer, writing a tax learning workbook for business education teachers and presenting it at their conference a few years ago.

In 1997, contributed a complete chapter of the CGA Canada Public Practice Manual on the topic of Future Oriented Financial Information, with a decision tree and sample checklists and reports.

In 2005, volunteered to serve on the CRA Disability Advisory Committee and served for 5 years. Ever wonder why medical expenses are listed? all 150+, and T2201’s are inventoried? Payroll preparers were introduced to Box 85 on the T4, later Box 135 on the T4A as a result of my lobby for disclosure.There’s more, but I won’t bore you. I went there with a list, and they dealt with every item on that list. It was a whole page.

In 2006, I achieved Toastmasters Advanced Communicator Gold. Many unique PD presentations (2004 to 2012). Maybe you remember a panel discussion on NPO compliance, or 27 reasons to count your ACB, Disability and medical; or T2125, self-employed compliance? From 2004 to 2010, I wrote voraciously. I wrote for a number of publications, Intuit's ProAdvisor Newsletter, Canadian MoneySaver, The TaxLetter mostly. I wrote about 3 monthly columns for about five years. I still blog for Intuit, for their blogs and sometimes contribute to Canadian MoneySaver.

In 2008, collaborated with a Fortune 500 company to write a procedure manual for integration with inventory management software and conversion by several hundred retailers to QuickBooks; trained the trainers to implement the integration and conversion.

Contributed towards the development of Intuit's training curriculum. In 2009, I was a regional QuickBooks trainer for Intuit Canada delivering Basic, Advanced, Payroll, Fast Track and Expert modules for business owners, bookkeepers and accountants seeking to maximize their use of QuickBooks software. 

IPBC asked me to volunteer as their honorary bookkeeper in 2009. In 2010-11 I focused on their forum, getting bookkeepers to talk to each other. From 2011 through 2015, focus shifted to presenting webinars about best practices for using QuickBooks and keeping records for Canadian bookkeepers. You’ll find those webinars for sale on www.taxdetective.ca.  You'll also find free webinars on my YouTube channel.

In 2010 I won Intuit’s award for top beta tester for QuickBooks. I've been certified for years, but just recently re-certified again January 2016 as a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor for both Desktop and Online. I have used QuickBooks since 1999. I am an Esteemed Member of Intuit's Accounting Professionals Writer/Trainer Network.

It’s 2017, I am is semi-retired; sold my tax clients, and gave up my accounting designation in 2015.  

I maintain taxdetective.ca; infrequently do blog, speak and consult online (clients are across Canada). I believe I can offer wisdom, experience, insight for those engaged in record keeping for tax and tax compliance. I don't know everything there is to know, but I know enough to point you in the right direction of what to research. 




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