Drivin' my life away, lookin' for a sunny day

Originally published by Intuit in Vol 2 Issue 5: ProConnection:  February 2006

Creatures of Habit...Km Logs...

Originally published by Intuit in Proconnection in March 2005

NEW! Documenting use of a vehicle
Travel for medical reasons
Travel for moving expenses
Km rates for medical/moving/northern

Notice the rates are for last year and that they are NOT the same rates as those for tax-free km reimbursements for employees. (see below)

Types of vehicles
Types of Vehicles - owned or leased
Vehicle chart
Type of vehicle affects deductions
Motor vehicle
Passenger vehicle
Recreational Vehicles
P-104 Meaning of ...

Mobile Home, Residential Unit and Residential Complex in the Context of Mini-homes, Park Model Trailers, Travel Trailers and Motor Homes

Rental income/leasing costs
Single or Multiple rental properties
Motor vehicle leasing / rental income
Chart: Calculate eligible leasing costs
Employers / Employees / Shareholders
RC18 Calculating benefits
Tax Free Km rates for employees

 NOT the same rates as for medical/moving/northern residents (see above)

Motor vehicle expenses
Commission vs Salary
Allowable motor vehicle expenses Line 229
Allowable motor vehicle expenses Commission sales
Benefits and Allowances: What's New & Topics
How to calculate allowances
Meal and vehicle rates
Standby charges: Personal use
Transportation or travel benefits
Reimbursements and Advances
Providing a vehicle other than an automobile
Security exception
IT News # 40: special rules

Admin Policy change: 2009: Taking vehicles home overnight

IT 91 Special or Remote Work
Part time 80 km exception
Prescribed zones
Northern residents deductions relief based on travel and living costs

Transportation employees
Motor Vehicle Expenses (automobile)
Deductible expenses (detail)
Claiming CCA
IT 478 CCA:Recapture & Terminal Loss

Class 10.1 prevents recapture

Non-arms length transactions
GST/HST claims
TaxTips info page
How to calculate ITCs
GST/HST ITC claims for vehicles

The input tax credit (ITC) for a passenger vehicle and aircraft of a corporation is based on the general rules for capital personal property. The rules are:
if you use the passenger vehicle or the aircraft primarily (more than 50%) in your commercial activities, you can claim a full ITC;
if you use the passenger vehicle or the aircraft 50% or less in your commercial activities, you cannot claim an ITC.
Note:You cannot claim an ITC for the portion of the purchase price over $30,000 for a passenger vehicle. If you are renting the passenger vehicle, the threshold is $800 per month. 

Non Corporate: usually ITC on CCA

Individuals and partnerships usually claim input tax credit (ITC) for passenger vehicles and aircraft based on the capital cost allowance (CCA) claimed for income tax purposes.
If the use in commercial activities is 10% or less, you cannot claim any ITC.
If the use in commercial activities is 90% or more, you can claim a full ITC. 

GST Memoranda Series 8-2
RC4022 General GST/HST Guide
Provincial info
HST and vehicles
How BC's tax on vehicles works
Reference materials
Income Tax Act

Sections 6, 8, 13, 15, 20, 67, 85, and 248 (definitions)

IT 521 Self-employed
IT 522 Employees
T4044 Employment expenses

Link to Forms GST370, T777, TL2, and T2200  

IT 63 Benefits
IT 470 Employees' Fringe Benefits
Tools to calculate benefits
RC 18 Calculating Benefits
Loan Calculator
Spending Smarter: Lease vs Buy (Industry Canada)

Industry Canada includes the Office of Consumer Affairs (OCA)

Check out all of their Spending Smarter Calculators!




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