Webinars and Tools
For Canadian Bookkeepers, Accountants and Small Business Owners

Every business needs to keep reliable, accurate bookkeeping records in order to

  1. know their costs, which is essential in order to have a profitable business, and

  2. minimize their taxes payable.

In order to do keep reliable records, the person recording the transactions for the business must be knowledgeable about correct bookkeeping/accounting procedures.  Even those who are knowledgeable can often learn new procedures that will help them in this process.

Eileen Reppenhagen, aka TaxDetective®, was a Certified General Accountant (CGA) in public practice for over 29 years, and has retired from that profession.  She is also a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.  She created these webinars to help business owners, bookkeepers and accountants keep records, manage their finances, and save money on their taxes.

Eileen developed many webinars and tools for bookkeepers, accountants, and small business owners, for their own use or for staff training.  Many topics provide information on doing procedures in QuickBooks, but it isn't necessary to use QuickBooks in order to learn from these.  A few of the many topics covered:


·         Best practices for bookkeepers


·         Quick method GST/HST - not always uncomplicated!


·         Keeping records - self-employment


·         Internal controls


·         Master Quicken software (in depth)


·         Reimbursements, jobs time & mileage - rules differ depending on who you are and why you're being reimbursed!  Reimbursements are taxable supplies, so factor into the $30,000 threshold for GST/HST registration.

The entire cart is $300; IPBC members $100. (no GST/HST or sales tax, I'm retired)

If you download the videos, I recommend using this video player http://www.videolan.org/ to play the videos, with ability to start, stop, rewind, fast forward, skip ahead.

Please pay by e-transfer, or Interac, email eileen.reppenhagen@gmail.com

Please provide your full name and address for the invoice.

Core QuickBooks Software Skills
Mastering QuickBooks (original series)

How to use QuickBooks® software! The basics, 10 lessons, 20 hours including an introduction, inventory, control systems, special features, payroll, sales tax, multi-currency, set up, fixing a mess, custom conversion design and best practices...

See below for bundled price at the end of 2012... 

Client Queries Answered - Various Prices

Get QuickBooks software to do wht you want, Units of Measure, Payables, TIme & Billing, Adjusting Time & Billing, Sales Orders vs Estimates, HST reconciliation, capital assets, Holdbacks...

Working papers $79.80

Cut costs on your year end! Learn to use QuickBooks software reporting module to reconcile accounts; create your working papers, store them in Microsoft OneNote...

Inventory Parts | $89.99

Does your inventory summary valuation report agree at the end of each period end, with the cost portrayed on your balance sheet? 

Are all of your inventory parts items positive? If there are negatives, there's a problem! Your inventory isn't adding up to what your inventory count says it should be.

This video series is about how to set up Inventory Items, buy, sell inventory, adjust inventory for price and quantity, set up price levels, reconciliation and reporting,

Short YouTube video

Quick Method GST/HST | $9.98

It's surprising how often this question comes up. And, there are all sorts of little complications. Things like ITC's on CCA for self-employed, and the 1% bonus on the first $30,000 of reported revenue each year. CRA has three methods, Full, Quick and Simplified. It's necessary to be pre-approved for the Quick Method, not everyone qualifies. 

Reimbursements, Jobs Time & Mileage | $29.99

aka Cash is King

Reimbursements are complicated. Depending on who you are, and why you're being reimbursed, the rules differ. Employees, partners, volunteers; self-employed, partnerships, lawyers, insurance, ... different rules. As agent, not as agent, what does it all mean? Reimbursements are taxable supplies, so they factor into the $30,000 threshold for registration for GST/HST.

Conversion to Corporate from Proprietor $49.95

Your client has closed their sole proprietorship, and incorporated a new business. This webinar considers the entries necessary for both books, to close one set of books, and to open the new corporate books.

Conversion Part 1/2 $49.95

Set up comparatives, use Open Bal Equity account and Items, reconcile Trial balances

Conversion Part 2/2 $49.95

How to adjust accounts, using forms, and other adjusting methods, focus on reconciliation of registers

Conversion Strategies $14.50

Click to see the Agenda, then purchase below, using Add to Cart

Get the inside track on how to scale up your conversions with design, implementation and reconciliation. Expand your versatility, push the range of services you offer; learn what questions to ask.

When the books and records are a mess, reports don’t provide answers,  finances are out of control, conversion may be your best, and sometimes your only option.

Best Practices
Best Practices for Bookkeepers | $59.99

Four part series recorded in May/June 2015

Communicating with CRA (free sample webinar)
Electronic Filer Responsibilities | $29.99

Review RC4018 Electronic Filers Manual, Third Party Civil Penalties and FINTRAC requirements to report suspicious transactions.

Internal Controls | $109.99

Can you spot a fraud? Will you be liable if it occurs on your watch? Red flags - what can bookkeepers do to protect themselves? Discover how internal controls can keep bookkeepers safe and contribute to the success of a business.

Jumpstart your bookkeeping business | $19.95

Tools that can jump start your business planning process

Keeping Records - Self-employment | $129.99

Completion of Form T2125, for the T1 personal tax return. How to keep records to manage finances and the business; Business assets, Capital Cost Allowance; Home office & Meals; Correcting the past; Vehicles.

Managing Business Finances $14.50

Up your game, using communication, reconciliation and reporting; expand your value added services and push your range of skills.

Learn how I managed real life cash flow crunches, how to soothe bankers, handle supplier calls, collect from customers and guide business owners to monitor bottom line.

Microsoft OneNote software training | $49.99

Family holiday in the making? is everyone already tied to their mobile devices? Microsoft OneNote software can be used to collaborate online, before, during, after the trip to share memories; create procedure manuals, user guides, project planning...

Procedure manuals | $14.95

Use the Microsoft Office software "Ribbon" tools to create interesting, organized procedure manuals. 




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