Executing your Fiduciary Duty!

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Speaker Series:   EILEEN REPPENHAGEN  

Assuming the Role of Financial Caregiver  
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 Executing your Fiduciary Duty PDF (2.9MB)

Caregiver conjures up images of physical care, but what about financial care? 

How does one prepare for the role of financial caregiver? 

Is there a difference between accounting for another person, whether alive or dead, and accounting for yourself or your corporation?  

Supreme Court case looks at fiduciary duty in a 'power' situation in 2009

Galambos v. Perez, [2009] S.C.J. No. 48.

What special skill or knowledge is required for fiduciary duty?
What do you need to know? When no tax is payable, will the lack of calculation and claims for capital losses to offset capital gains on T3 slips affect cost of care in a facility?
Have OAS, CPP, GIS, widows or Pharmacare benefits, and MSP premiums been calculated correctly? 
Who ties it all together? Financial caregivers do. Accountants may be called upon to act as financial caregiver more than once in their lifetimes.
What software will keep you out of trouble?
Download Quicken for $99 and make time for an evening with Eileen as she delivers a treasure chest of tips and tricks.
Speaker, Eileen Reppenhagen, blends practical tax and accounting knowledge with personal experience in her look at Quicken to manage fiduciary duties.
Whether you own a business, manage a household, lead a team, or direct a volunteer group, it takes unique tools, skills, stamina, and strategy to execute the role of financial caregiver.
Find out why and how you must learn unique methods to execute these duties with grace and elegance! 
What do other people say? 



When recent attendees were asked "What was the most valuable thing you learned today?" ...



"The complexity of fiduciary responsibility" ... Peter Henriques


"Realizing the magnitude of being an executor" ... Johanna


"Everything! Can you please come back?" ... Anon


"iShares and EFT’s, T3 slips and ACB" ... Paul Kan


"Need to keep all the investment records" ... Ming Fang Chen


"If you ever give a (did you say 8?) week course, call me, I’ll sign up!" ...Anon



Bio: At age 32, Eileen Reppenhagen, a corporate controller, morphed into public practitioner. When clients, their parents, or spouses required care or died, she took it personally and developed unique tools and an approach for financial caregivers that would keep everyone out of trouble – her practice depended on it.

At age 53, Eileen Reppenhagen,  received the Celebrating Women and the Spirit of the Crane Silver Award in 2008, partly because of her advocacy work with persons with disabilities and their families regarding tax credits and the new Registered Disability Savings Plan.

By encouraging Canada Revenue Agency to improve their communications over the past few years, and informing taxpayers how and what medical expenses to claim, Eileen has significantly improved the financial position of thousands of Canadian families. She attributes her success directly to the techniques and procedures featured in her presentations and 100’s of published articles.  


Eileen Reppenhagen, Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, writes and speaks about accounting and tax. She is a regular contributor to Canadian MoneySaver and writes monthly columns for several national publications,The TaxLetter and Intuit’s online publications for QuickBooks ProAdvisors, Advisor Advantage.




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