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RC4110: Employee or Self-employed?
Line 229:Other Employment Expenses
S. 15 ITA Shareholder Benefits

Shareholder benefits - record on T4A Slip in Box 28 (yes that means S. 15(1) and (2) (no code provided, use Box 28) : Report on Line 130 of the T1 return 

S. 69 ITA Inadequate considerations

Note to watch:

S. 248(30, 31, 32) not yet enacted put an interesting spin on the calculation of ACB of property transferred at non arms length usually subject to a one side rule in S. 69(1)(c) that applies only to gifts, bequests and inheritances 

IT 419 Meaning of Arms Length

Are you selling inventory at cost to a non arms length person? You and the company must self-assess income under S. 69(1)(b) and S. 15(1) for shareholder appropriation of corporate property 

IT 405 Inadequate considerations: Acquisition &...

Food for thought...archived, but still an interesting discussion

S. 80.4(2) ITA Imputed interest

S.  80.4(2) Imputed interest on shareholder credit balances Box 28 Code 17 

S. 80.4(3)(b) ITA reversal

S. 80.4(3)(b) reversal when loan is taken in to income under S. 15(2) 

S.15(9) Deemed interest under S.80.4(2) offset

S. 15(9) deemed interest inclusion under S. 80.4(2) can be offset by deduction under S. 80.5 in some cases 

S.20(1)(j) ITA reversal

S. 20(1(j) reversal of income inclusion in year of repayment of shareholder loan - reported on Line 232 of T1 return 

IT 432 Benefits conferred on Shareholders
IT 169 Price Adjustment Clauses
GST/HST: G-400-3-2 Employee & Shareholder Benefits
Employee Life and Health Trusts
Blakes: Employee Life & Health Trusts
Feb 26, 2010 New Proposals

Replace with August 27, 2010 amendments!!!

Look for Employee Life and Health Trust:

 ITA 56(1)(z.2) half way down the Explanatory Notes document

Employee expenses Line 229
Summary of Information sources
Line 229 Other employment expenses
T4044 Employment Expenses Guide incl forms
T777 Statement of Employment Expenses




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