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Master QuickBooks Desktop (CDN) Software

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I love QuickBooks® software, and you can too! Easy to follow, step by step instructional videos save time, travel and money. Learn how to use the software effectively and efficiently. Learn best practices to stay out of a mess and reconcile every time! 

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If you have two monitors, put the training video on one monitor and work in QuickBooks on the other monitor. 



Description of modules

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1. Introduction

Familiarize yourself to be a power user. Review language, keyboard, mouse, menu, Icon Bar, Lists, types, items, forms, registers, naming, merging and more.

2. Inventory

From estimate to sales order to invoice, purchase orders, bills, How to use and manage items to set up perpetual, periodic, progress and property inventory tracking, Using the time and billing system, and complying with GAAP reporting of COGS

3. Control Systems

Order of operations can make all the difference, as can document control, but not without a system design.You'll need to know how the audit trail works too.

4. Special Features

Mastering Search, Find, Help, reconciliation of key processes, banking, receivables and payables, Company Snapshot, what business owners need to function, Creation of templates and reports...

5. Payroll

Everyone has to be paid. Learn to set up payroll items, employee defaults and employee setup. Timesheets to time & billing, pay cheque creation, e-mail paystubs, Adjust pay cheques, pay liabilities, PD7A, T4's, ROE's

6. Sales taxes & Multi-currency

Manage Sales Tax module, Adding Sales Tax Items, Groups & Tax Codes; HST for Public Sector, RITC setup, Adjusting, filing sales taxes and reconciling returns with records, amending returns

7. Under the hood

Starting up or over is challenging. What you need to know to set up a new company; GIFI for import to Profile T2; Comprehensive review of preferences, users, passwords & maintenance...

8. Fixing a mess

Everyone knows about a mess, Review at least a dozen reasons, how not to get messed up, How to fix a mess. Explore the Client Data Review tool; Look at controlling by design; Promote consistency in how data is entered, how reconciliation, reports and audit trail is easier with consistency

9. Designing your custom conversion

When or is there a best time to convert? What best practices could you employ for set up, importing; Comparisons with prior results; Staff training?

10. Best practices

What are best practices in design, documentation, procedure manuals? How best to use the Accountant's Copy, posting changes and approval by the client of adjusting entries; How to create working papers using the custom report writer, Total By and Sort By; Saving Mem Reports to a group; Opening a group of reports, adjusting entries; Explore adjusted trial balance; Maintenance...and an overview of the previous nine lessons, highlighting the best practices explored in depth in the prior nine presentations



View the bonus hour video on YouTube on managing payables titled "It doesn't matter how it was paid"



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