Eileen Reppenhagen

Former Certified General Accountant (BC) 

Certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks Desktop and Cloud

Esteemed Member of Intuit's TWN (Trainer/Writer Network)

Sponsor, Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada. (www.ipbc.ca)

Computer geek who beta tests Intuit software (for free)

Loves projects, especially when it involves automation.

Obsessed with doing the right thing.

Must reconcile to the penny.

Horribly bored by routine. 

Deadlines are terrifying.

Passion for taxpayers rights about the rules.

Believe everyone should be entitled to know and take advantage of tax credits and expenses. 

"TaxDetective®” is my brand. A client nicknamed me that and it stuck.

I research about tax and writing for a variety of publications. 

If you want me to show you how easy it is to manage and be in control of your money and your financial destiny using software and online banking technology, personally and for business, give me a call or email me.





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