Registered Disability Savings Plan

Each of the white arrows in the blue circles on the left leads you to reading about the official rules regarding the set up of the RDSP. 

Contact  PLAN (Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network) at and for more information


  Information about Registered Disability Savings Plans
RC4460 Registered Disability Savings Plan Guide

CRA RDSP's What's New

Because RDSP were not made available until the end of 2008, interested applicants are not being penalized.  Check to see how many years you can go back to claim for if you are entitled!

The grant and bond portion of the RDSP will be retroactively applied when DTC eligibility has been confirmed. 


BMO Investment Centre has a call line set up to set up your RDSP 1-800-665-7700 Extension 4835# Alternative if you are not close to a BMO, call for help and fax everything directly to BMO 1-888-840-2817

BMO was the first bank to come on board with the RDSP program.  Check to see if your bank or credit union will host an RDSP plan


  1. Obtain the beneficiary SIN # - Apply for the SIN # from Service Canada. Do that right away. It may take up to 10 business days to obtain the number.
  2. Complete RDSP application form
  3. Complete Grant application form
  4. Print 2 copies of each
  5. Visit local branch to set up profile before they can open the RDSP account,
  6. Have two pieces of government issue ID for the trustee and the Social Insurance number of the beneficiary of the RDSP as well as the completed forms


Remember, you can choose what to invest in.  Discuss investment options and objectives or for now, just deposit the funds into interest bearing account until you are sure what you want to invest in. 

Don't get pressured into investing in something you don't understand.  If you're comfortable with GIC's in a bank or credit union, that's OK! Don't be pushed into investments you aren't comfortable with.

You can put up to $200,000 into an RDSP.  That doesn't mean you should do it all at once.  But maybe it does.  If you need help, contact someone reputable to assist you with a plan.  Consider contact Jack Styan at PLAN for more information.

Read the legislation that explains how the RDSP's work which is all set out below.  Yes, it's complex, but it's in English.  Read it. Each of the blue arrow leads to a link with information you need to know.

 Application for the Canada Disability Savings Grant and/or Canada Disability Savings Bond For Beneficiaries Under the Age of 18

BC extra matching grant of $150 per person January 12, 2009 press release (check your province/territorial government website for similar announcements)

 CRA Frequently Asked Questions
Sample pro forma - Declaration of Trust - compare this to your issuers contract
CRA Information about Registered Disability Savings Plan

Province of BC Press Release

November 28 2007 - no income or withdrawals included in income, means and needs testing.

RC4064 and the T2201 Application for Disability Tax Credit
Means and Needs testing: what is that?
Provincial Disability Income Assistance  (PWD)
RDSP Plan Administrators
  Income Tax Amendment in 2008 - Closing loophole for parents who set up an RDSP so that the beneficiary can’t collapse their plan
Canada Disability Savings Act and Regulations explanation about RDSP's is exemplary  
 RDSP Blog - PLAN - includes download of RDSP calculator




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